Excursion Etna from Giardini Naxos – Etna Excursion in jeep e trekking info +39 3207818434
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Excursion Etna

Every day Etna excursion in jeep e trekking from Giardini Naxos 

Etna Half day tour in jeep  from Giardini Naxos, to visit craters, last big eruption and cave.

Start at 9.00

Retourn at 13.00

Jacket, Shoes and Lamp Free.

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Departure of the Etna excursion aboard comfortable 4×4 vehicles authorized to visit the most important, active and interesting areas of Etna.
Excursion Etna Departure aboard 4×4 vehicles towards a couple of km the first stop inside the national park is accessible with an authorized guide since there are about 45 side craters.

After a trekking on the volcanic sand you will visit 5 side craters, one of which is still open and you will be able to observe the real size of a crater.

In this area all types of lava, minerals, volcanic desert and pioneer plants of the Etna volcano will be observed.

After visiting the high altitude craters aboard the jeep, you will do 3 km off road to discover the last great eruption that destroyed the north side of Etna, finally on the east side you will visit the small craters inside with helmets and lamps (GROTTA ), an expansion chamber and a fracture of 26 km that divides Etna into 2 parts, it moves a few millimeters per day and is considered the most active fracture of Etna where the next eruption is expected

The visit will be carried out in areas of volcanological and scientific interest with a volcanological guide.

The tour is suitable for everyone.